Silverado Visual Difference...

Silverado Visual Difference...


Instant Green Spot Remover. Silverado Visual Difference™ – Instant Clean-up anywhere anytime. Silverado Visual Difference™ Instant Spot, Dirt and Stain Remover, with Protein, Lanolin and Aloe.

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Silverado Visual Difference- Instant Clean-up anywhere anytime.
Silverado Visual Difference Instant Spot, Dirt & Stain Remover, with Protein, Lanolin & Aloe.
Works on coats, manes & tails instantly to dissolve and remove dirt, sweat marks, grass, urine, manure stains and more.
Fast Easy - Spray on - Work in. Brush or wipe off dirt and stains.
No Rinsing Needed - No Alcohol - No Residue.
Silverado Visual Difference - Great for clean-up at home or shows, when bathing is impossible. Especially effective on Palomino, Gray, Paint, Pinto and Appaloosa and all fancy colored horses.
Available Size: 20 oz Ready-to-Use Spray

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