NixallPRO Cleanser/Deodorizer Concentrate Gallon





Earth Friendly, Truly Green. A natural cleanser that provides a healthy way to clean and control odors!

Unlike traditional cleansers/deodorizers that contain harsh chemicals, NIXALL®PRO contains hypochlorous acid, a naturally occurring molecule of the human body, making it a very powerful deodorizer and cleaner, but still totally safe to use around your family and pets.

Pets can smell and those smelly pets can make your home STINK. Litter boxes, your dog’s wet fur, the skunk that dropped by last night all can give your castle a special ambiance usually reserved for Halloween.

NIXALL®PRO Cleanser/Deodorizer destroys odors on contact. Even the toughest kennel smells, the strongest cigar smoke, or the smells of rotting meat are eliminated. Safe for skin contact for pets and humans, will not harm the lungs or eyes, contains no VOCs or Alcohol. It does not mask odors!


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